Essentials Pack

The basic building blocks with a flexible subscription pack that includes Term Life Plan and Critical Illness Plan


Flexible coverage

Our financial responsibilities evolve as we go along life. Start and stop your plans whenever you want. You can also choose to adjust your coverage in the near future.

Build your foundation

Get your insurance basics covered for a peace of mind, and layer on with other plans later.

Pay out when adversity hits

Protect you and your loved ones - get lump sum pay out when adversities such as death, disability and critical illness happen

What's included

The Essentials Pack is a combination of Critical Illness Plan and Term Life Plan. The pack illustrated below is based on the profile of a 25 year old male who does not smoke.

Term Life Plan
Plan Premium Subscription (Breakdown)
$2.50 monthly
Critical Illness Plan
Plan Premium Subscription (Breakdown)
$2.50 monthly
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